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Our Team


Meet The Team

Lion Gaming - Duncan McIntyre Lion Gaming - Duncan McIntyre

Duncan McIntyre

President & Chief Executive Officer
Duncan is an entrepreneurial tech executive with a proven track record of scaling companies, fundraising, & solving complex legal issues. Duncan was a founder of FansUnite, serving as its COO and a Director through public listing. Duncan also played a pivotal role at Victory Square Technologies, with the number of portfolio companies growing from 2 to 21 and the market cap from approximately $20M to $220M while he was involved.

Ted Yew

Chief Strategy Officer
Ted has served as a director for both public and private companies for over 15 years and in his tenure has served on audit committees, corporate governance and compensation committees and disclosure committees. He has been involved in corporate and project financing activities, mergers and acquisitions and equity and debt financings in the real estate, banking, healthcare, mining, blockchain technology and a variety of other industries.

Lion Gaming - The Team - Ian

Ian Scott

Chief Technology Officer
Ian has been pivotal to the development of LGG’s intellectual property & gaming solutions over the last two years. Ian has previously served as a full stack developer at Comcast NBC Universal in North America where he lead the construction and advancement of the sales channel which drives nearly 30% of all of Comcast’s revenue.

Lion Gaming - Dan Janik Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Janik

Chief Marketing Officer
Dan is responsible for leading Lion Gaming Group’s global marketing and PR. Before joining Lion Gaming he worked in various customer acquisition, demand generation, and digital marketing capacities in both the private and public sectors.

Investor FAQs

Where are Lion Gaming Group Inc. headquarters?2021-09-10T21:57:32+00:00

Our headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

How can I get in touch with Investor Relations representatives at Lion Gaming Group?2021-09-10T21:58:28+00:00

All of our Investor Relations are handled by our President and CEO, Duncan McIntyre. Send all inquiries and requests for information to [email protected]

Where can I find the latest news on Lion Gaming Group Inc.2021-08-23T01:23:56+00:00

We send a monthly newsletter outlining the latest happening at Lion Gaming Group Inc. and also made our financial statements and press releases available across this website.

Can I get a copy of an investor presentation?2022-01-19T22:22:35+00:00

Yes. Contact us to get a copy of our investor presentation.

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