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FAQ for Lion Gaming2021-09-04T10:46:46+00:00



Where are Lion Gaming Group Inc. headquarters?2021-09-10T21:57:32+00:00

Our headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

How can I get in touch with Investor Relations representatives at Lion Gaming Group?2021-09-10T21:58:28+00:00

All of our Investor Relations are handled by our President and CEO, Duncan McIntyre. Send all inquiries and requests for information to [email protected]

Where can I find the latest news on Lion Gaming Group Inc.2021-08-23T01:23:56+00:00

We send a monthly newsletter outlining the latest happening at Lion Gaming Group Inc. and also made our financial statements and press releases available across this website.

Can I get a copy of an investor presentation?2022-01-19T22:22:35+00:00

Yes. Contact us to get a copy of our investor presentation.

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