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Turnkey Online Casino Software

Turnkey online casino software is a great option if you want to start an online casino and capture a piece of an industry expected to be worth over 150 billion by 2030. Turnkey online casino solutions come packaged with everything you need to start an online casino including a website, secure payment gateways, advanced back office, CRM system, analytics, crypto options, web3 wallet integrations, bonus systems, affiliate management, email marketing, and of course casino games that players expect.

Features of turnkey online casino software

There are several features to turnkey casino software. Most people don’t realize that starting an online casino involves more than just offering games to players online. As mentioned above, turnkey casino solutions come packaged with everything you need to start an online casino.

Running a successful online casino requires a robust back office system, payment gateways, promotional and bonus systems that can be deployed through email software embedded in your back office, and much more. Rather than developing all these features on your own, turnkey casino software has all of these features ready-to-go.

You might be thinking that you can save money by employing a savvy developer or two to create the software yourself, but you would be mistaken. Development costs can easily range into the low seven-figure range to build fully functional and compliant online casino software. That doesn’t even include ongoing maintenance costs associated with upgrading your casino software over the years. Plus, it can easily take a couple of years to develop your software, QA test it and get it certified.

Does turnkey online casino software include a gambling license?

The short answer here is both yes and no. Turnkey online casino providers like Lion Gaming are experts in the iGaming space, but not all can provide you with a gambling license out-of-the-box. It all depends on the countries and jurisdictions that you want to accept wagers and bets from.

Some software providers will tell you that you can operate under their license under specific locations. Others will tell you that you are responsible for securing your own gaming license. In either case, a reliable online casino software partner should be able to point you in the right direction and support your licensing process in one way or another. Many turnkey online casino platform providers like Lion Gaming have established relationships with licensing regimes across the world to make the process of starting an online casino simple and stress free. For more information on gambling licenses, check out our blog titled Gambling Licences: What You Need To Know in 2024 to learn about the options available for turnkey and white label online casinos.

Choosing the right turnkey online casino software

If you have done any research around starting an online casino, you have probably come across many technology providers that offer turnkey online casino solutions. With all the options available, how do you know which one to select?

Here is a short list of several things to consider when choosing your provider:

  • Make sure their technology is compliant with the jurisdictions you want to operate in
  • Ensure that their technology is compatible with mobile devices and smartphones. With over 6.9 billion smartphones in the world, this should be a top consideration.
  • Can they accept cryptocurrency? The growing rise of crypto and the adoption of cryptocurrency younger cohorts of bettors make accepting cryptocurrency an essential feature for online casinos
  • Do they have innovative features such as web3 wallet integrations, airdrop functionality, and on-chain wagering?
  • Make sure that the turnkey online casino provider has a back office that includes everything you need to run a successful operation. As a reminder, this includes secure payment gateways, CRM system, analytics, player account management tools, bonus systems, affiliate management systems, email marketing, dashboards, and player segmentation capabilities.
  • To truly stand out in the marketplace, make sure that your technology provider can customize your website to look and feel exactly how you want it to.
  • How quickly can the software provider start your online casino? This is an important consideration to make because it determines when you can start accepting bets on your site. If you, your team, or your investors have firm deadlines around the launch of your online casino in place, you need to make sure your technology provider can meet that deadline.

Learn more about Lion Gaming’s advanced turnkey online casino solutions powered by our proprietary Fer0x Engine by emailing us at or by contacting us here. Let’s start the conversation and explore the way that you can start an online casino in as little as a few weeks.

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