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10 Popular Countries For Sports Betting That You Should Consider Targeting
9 March, 2022
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Exploring Sports Betting Software
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Meet Ted Yew – Chief Financial Officer

In our second instalment of our employee insights, we sat down with Lion Gaming’s Chief Financial Officer, Ted Yew.
Ted has served as a director for both public and private companies for over 15 years, and in his tenure has served on audit committees, corporate governance, compensation committees and disclosure committees. Ted has been involved in corporate and project financing activities, M&A, and equity and debt financings in a variety of industries including real estate, banking, healthcare, fintech, mining, and blockchain technology.

What first drew you into the iGaming industry?

The demand and potential of this industry is what initially drew me in, especially with the continued growth of esports. New gaming markets are continuing to open up, with sportsbook and associated regulations globally emerging. I especially like where the industry is going with the metaverse, AR, and AI applications

When did you first get started in the blockchain sector?

I started a hedge fund for blockchain development and high tech investments back in 2015. Been in love with the sector ever since.

What are some of the challenges you have faced related to corporate finance in the iGaming industry compared to other industries that you have worked in?

When dealing with mergers and acquisitions or raising funds in the early stages of any industry there are many challenges to really have much history or credibility until you achieve some bigger milestones. It makes it very hard to convince potential suitors or investors the potential without the proof that early risk has been mitigated. This is true for iGaming and the onerous regulations and stigma of iGaming makes it more challenging as well.

How tricky is the crypto aspect of managing a company’s finances? Is it something that’s constantly evolving or have there been standards set in recent years?

Cryptocurrency aspects are tricky when managing company finances as it is not recognized by some exchanges and until just recently there were no auditors of cryptocurrency companies and no custodial approval or regulations to abide by. Over the past 10 years I have seen many changes in standards and regulations. As regulations continue to evolve, companies interacting with cryptocurrencies will be able to really give comfort to the public and private sectors.

What achievements are you most proud of for Lion Gaming?

There are two very key acquisitions we are in the final days of completing and announcing to the public. One of them brings a wealth of knowledge and a long standing player in the iGaming space with 10+ years in the industry and roughly 50 senior staff all with many, many years of experience. Together with our team and our initiatives, we will be providing the most top notch bleeding edge technology and over 11,000+ games to the iGaming industry.

Our second acquisition is a company and team that has been developing and building metaverse and AR/AI applications and teaming with the biggest players in the industry to bring out the most incredible bleeding edge tech I have ever seen! I encourage any and all readers to look back here in 6 months to see what we are building and where we will be when these two acquisitions are complete and what we will be able to accomplish together. It is a very exciting time for us.

Do you have any insights on the future of the iGaming industry?

iGaming is here to stay and grow, especially as states and nations across the globe are accepting and joining the space. The evolutions in blockchain technology that are coming are really exciting and will really catapult the experience going forward.

Do you have a favourite casino or card game?

Las Vegas will always have my heart. I have played hold’em poker for over 20+ years along with some of the greats; Daniel Negreanu in Toronto before he decided to move to Vegas and make a go at poker professionally… Recently, I have also spent some time playing Baccarat but would have to say hold’em poker would still be my favourite.
Any exciting news or anything else you’d like to share?

Lion Gaming has plan to go public which means that every reader here can participate, buy some shares and be part owner of the next biggest growing iGaming company in the market. That’s pretty exciting to me and we are all working very hard and looking forward to that day.

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