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The Cost of White Label Sportsbook Solutions
28 June, 2022
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Lion Gaming’s Web3 Casino Software
28 June, 2022

28 June, 2022

Meet Matt Wright – VP of Operations, North America

Matt Wright has worked for 20 years in digital content creation, building his career on finding technological solutions to creative innovations. He founded MAMMOTH XR, one of the first extended reality companies in Canada in 2015 and soon turned it into one of the largest XR content creators in the country.

Since MAMMOTH XR joined Lion Gaming Group in 2022, Matt has embedded his experience and passion for digital content across the company’s offerings.

Where were you before Lion Gaming? And what brought you here?

Before joining Lion Gaming, my background was in visual production. Since the middle of the 2000s, I have been employed in the field, managing projects and accounts to create cutting-edge and successful visual works, including graphics, print, animations, short films, documentaries, websites, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and everything visual.

During my career, my enthusiasm for utilising cutting-edge technology to assist others get fully immersed in content has never wavered. The use of technology in cameras and editing systems drew me to the field of broadcast journalism, where I also acquired priceless research skills that are the cornerstone of all I do now.This eventually led me to create MAMMOTH XR, a leader in custom AR and VR development. Fast forward to 2022, when I first met the amazing team at Lion Gaming. Looking for an opportunity to collaborate led to our acquisition in June of 2022.

I joined Lion Gaming because of the chance to collaborate with a group of business pioneers that are enthusiastic about iGaming and always seeking to disrupt the status quo. The company’s goal to advance and expand through cutting-edge technology and wise acquisitions that support its vision thrilled me. The company’s dedication to provide the best white label solutions and building enduring relationships with clients also caught my attention. It has been an amazing chance to join Lion Gaming Group and be a part of a team that is committed to providing players with the best online sports betting and iGaming experience while keeping up with the ever evolving needs of the sector.

Every few months there seems to be some new buzz around the metaverse, should people believe the hype?

I feel that the buzz surrounding the metaverse should be taken seriously. Although the idea of a metaverse, a shared virtual world where users may interact with other users and a computer-generated environment, is not new, recent technological developments have made it more likely to become a reality.

The way we work, play, and interact with the world will be completely altered by the metaverse. It may open up fresh doors for business, education, entertainment, and social contact. We have just begun to scratch the surface of what is conceivable, and the possibilities are boundless.

I am actively following metaverse advancements and looking at how to integrate this innovative technology. We think that the metaverse, which has enormous potential for development and creativity, is the future of online communication.

What are some of the most exciting applications you see VR having in the iGaming space?

Virtual casinos: VR may be used to construct surroundings for virtual casinos that provide gamers a more realistic gaming experience. The gaming experience is made more social and realistic by the ability for players to communicate with dealers and other players virtually.

Virtual sports: Players may enjoy sports betting in a brand-new way by using VR to create lifelike sports simulations. Players may wager on virtual horse races or football games, for instance, and watch the events unfold in a lifelike virtual setting.

Immersive sports: I believe we have an opportunity to give users the best possible way to watch and engage in live sporting events. Imagine being able to look at a birds eye view of a one-to-one 3D replica of a football match. Then having the ability to “transport” to the best seat in the stadium on the fly. You can see every angle of the game and have statistics, player info and the ability to watch plays develop all in one place. Add the ability for users to bet all along the way! This would give our players the most immersive sports experience that we have ever seen.

Slot machines: Players may enjoy a more immersive experience thanks to VR technology. Virtual interaction between players and the slot machines heightens the excitement and engagement of the game. Winning animations and interesting game dynamics like Scatter will only continue to be taken to new levels.

Poker in virtual reality: VR can produce lifelike poker situations where players may communicate with one other and the dealer virtually. Poker players may benefit from a more engaged and sociable experience as a result. Pokerstars VR is an amazing experience that I highly recommend everyone to try out.

The Unknown: In my experience, VR gaming has brought out some of the most amazing innovations in traditional video games. So using these concepts, we can bring unprecedented iGaming experiences to the world. Imagine a version of crash but the player is experiencing the ever popular VR roller coaster. Just make sure to stop the ride or you multiplier before you gain too much speed and crash. Keep that thought process moving with a Spaceship experience with the user in the cockpit. Really VR opens us up to endless immersive experiences that will put our players in the game and experiencing a heightened sense of excitement and engagement.

By giving gamers more immersive and compelling experiences, VR has the potential to advance iGaming. We may anticipate seeing more fascinating uses in the iGaming industry as technology progresses.

Do you think that VR disruption in iGaming will be driven by operators or players?

Operators and players will likely work together to push the VR disruption in iGaming. Operators are constantly seeking ways to enhance their products and draw in new players. For example, they can provide their players a more immersive and engaging experience thanks to VR technology, which may help set their platform apart from others in the market. Operators may also develop fresh, cutting-edge games using VR that are not achievable with conventional online gaming technologies.

Players, on the other hand, are becoming more and more interested in innovative and thrilling gaming experiences. Many players are already aware of virtual reality (VR) technology through entertainment and gaming, and they will probably be lured to iGaming platforms that provide VR games. The ability to interact with other players in a more immersive setting through VR may potentially be of interest to gamers.

Ultimately, the VR disruption in iGaming is being driven by both operators and gamers. Players will eventually drive the adoption of VR by seeking out and playing these games, even though operators will need to spend resources on the technology and development to provide VR games and experiences. We can anticipate seeing more VR games and experiences in the iGaming sector as technology continues to advance and develop.

AI has been the hottest topic in tech lately. What role (if any) do you see AI having in the iGaming space?

Artificial intelligence is already having a big impact on the iGaming industry, and it’s only going to get bigger in the years to come. These are a few examples of how AI is now applied in iGaming:

Personalization: By analysing user data and making tailored suggestions for games, bonuses, and other promotions, AI algorithms may be deployed. Operators may benefit from improved consumer engagement and higher retention as a result.

Fraud Detection: By examining player activity, transactions, and other data, AI may be used to spot possible fraud and cheating conduct. This can aid operators in guarding against fraud and safeguarding their gamers.

Responsible Gaming: AI can be used to monitor player behaviour and spot warning signals of problem gambling in order to play responsibly. This can aid operators in offering targeted assistance and support to gamers who could be in danger.

Game Development: AI may be utilised in game development to provide more sophisticated, intelligent games that respond to player activity and offer a more interesting experience. AI, for instance, may be utilised to develop NPCs (Non-Player Characters) who are intelligent and react in real time to player activities.

Customer assistance: Using chatbots and other technologies, AI may automate the provision of customer service. This can assist operators in giving their gamers support more quickly and effectively.

AI has the ability to completely transform the iGaming sector by enhancing the user experience, lowering fraud, encouraging responsible gambling, and producing more entertaining games. I anticipate a wider-spread application of AI in the iGaming sector as technology advances

Lion Gaming has grown quickly from less than a dozen people to several dozen. How has the company’s rapid growth impacted your role here?

As the Lion Gaming Group’s VP of Ops for North America, the company’s explosive expansion has significantly affected my position. The number of team members and projects has increased as a result of the company’s growth. I am in charge of making sure that business operations are efficient and that we are accomplishing our objectives.

As the firm expands quickly, one of the biggest problems is making sure that the culture and principles of the organisation are upheld when we add new team members. As we expand, I believe it is crucial that we maintain a culture of creativity, cooperation, and quality.

Managing the growing complexity of the firm is another difficulty. This entails concurrently managing the finances, materials, and schedules of several projects. To make sure that we are on the same page with our aims and objectives, it also entails tight collaboration with other departments.

Overall, Lion Gaming’s quick expansion has given me possibilities as well as challenges. In order to continue providing our consumers with the finest iGaming and sportsbook experience possible, we have to be agile, creative, and build new strategies and procedures.

What is the most exciting thing about working at Lion Gaming?

The crew at Lion Gaming is extremely driven and enthusiastic about our industry, which fosters a fun and exciting work atmosphere. We are truly passionate about iGaming and sports betting. The business is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to give its consumers the best-in-class iGaming and sportsbook experience, and it offers opportunity for employees to work on novel and interesting projects and take advantage of the newest technological advancements.

Lion Gaming is dedicated to pushing the limits of what is feasible in the iGaming and sports betting industries. The company is constantly searching for fresh, cutting-edge ideas to enhance its platform and provide clients a better experience.

Being a quickly expanding business, Lion Gaming provides a variety of chances for professional development, enabling team members to take on new tasks and responsibilities while honing their talents. Overall, the ability to be a part of a group that is enthusiastic, creative, and committed to giving its consumers the finest iGaming and sportsbook experience is the most exciting aspect of working at Lion Gaming.

Did you answer these questions with ChatGPT?

The funny thing about AI is that it enhances each and every person that has the ability to wield its power. I think back to when I was in school and teachers telling me that I couldn’t use a calculator in exams. The thought process around this for them was the “fact” that we wouldn’t always have a calculator on us and need to know how to do everything by hand. Although there is some merit to having that fundamental understanding, the point was always destined to be moot. As we progress in the age of technology, we are given tools that we can use at our disposal and make us better and more efficient. There is no reason not to use these tools that are available to us. I truly believe that AI won’t get rid of jobs but I do believe that people that aren’t using AI to enhance their knowledge and skills will be the ultimate losers in the game. And to answer your initial inquiry, all the questions other than this one were enhanced in collaboration with my friend and yours… ChatGPT. 😉

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