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21 April, 2022
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Meet Dan Janik – Chief Marketing Officer

In the third instalment of our employee insights we check in with Dan Janik, Lion Gaming’s Chief Marketing Officer.
Dan is responsible for leading Lion Gaming’s global marketing and PR strategy. Before joining Lion Gaming Dan worked in various customer acquisition, demand generation, and digital marketing capacities in both the private and public sectors.

Keep reading to learn more about Dan and his insights into the iGaming industry.

What first got you interested in the iGaming space?

I’m not sure where to start, there are several things that interest me about the iGaming space. First, gambling has been around for thousands of years. And one of the things that got me interested in marketing in the first place was consumer behaviour. The fact that gambling has been around for so long and shows no sign of slowing down shines light on an interesting facet of consumer behaviour – specifically the propensity toward chance and risk taking. iGaming is the next evolution of something that’s been around for so long, and I find it interesting that it’s something people are drawn toward. Plus, the size of the market is astounding. Especially as the adoption of blockchain, crypto, and mobile internet access continues to rise, it’s tough to put a ceiling on how big this space can get.

What is one of the most interesting areas of the space for you?

It has to be crypto. When the opportunity to join Lion came up and the vision for the company was pitched to me, I immediately saw the potential that crypto had to grow the iGaming industry. Crypto has been disrupting everything over the past few years. Healthcare, banking, supply chains, even governments. It seems fitting for me, someone who’s fond of crypto – and ironically the inherent gamble that comes with speculating on crypto – to join a company that’s on the forefront of bringing crypto innovation to iGaming.

Other than iGaming, what is something that you envision crypto disrupting in the future?

I think social security is going to be massively disrupted in the future because of crypto. Today there are measures in place to identify someone who converts crypto to fiat currency like dollars or euros. And in iGaming, someone who deposits in crypto still has to go through KYC processes when betting with a regulated sportsbook or online casino. However, a future where people only transact in crypto can create fully anonymous or pseudo-anonymous peer-to-peer transactions. That’s going to make it harder if not impossible for governments to tax transactions. Ultimately people react to incentives. Income that you don’t have to report would be – for better or worse – an attractive incentive for many. The world and the services we rely on are going to look a lot different because of the ripple effects from the widespread adoption of a pseudo-anonymous peer-to-peer economy.

iGaming is a saturated space. How can you stand out from the crowd and get your message across?

It’s true. 99% of iGaming platform providers, whether it’s casino or sportsbook solutions, have the same core offering. There’s little differentiation between the options available. A lot of providers are focused on what’s happening right now and delivering solutions for today’s markets. What’s unique about Lion Gaming is that we’re focused on building for the future. Our on-chain wagering technology along with some of the products we’re building for VR and metaverse applications are a couple things that are going to be the next frontier for this industry. I think that building for the future is a message that online casinos and sportsbooks are attracted to. Operators want to stand out from the crowd, and they want to have long term success. What we’re building here does just that. And the conversations that we have with partners and prospects indicate that it’s a message that’s being well received.

What would your advice be for iGaming operators with limited marketing budget?

I would say that first you need to have a great product. If you don’t offer a product that players want and love to use, it wouldn’t matter if you had an unlimited marketing budget. Players are always going to leave for a superior playing experience. The next thing and easiest course of action I would take is to rely on affiliate traffic to get people to your site. Create a great sign up or deposit offer, get people to your site, and retain them by providing them with a fantastic playing experience through a great product and excellent customer support.

What is the most exciting thing about working at Lion Gaming?

The most exciting thing for me is the growth. It’s cool to see the fruits of your labour start to blossom. 2022 has brought a lot of opportunities for us as a company, so keep an eye out for us over the next year! Being on the ground floor at a company that is starting to grow quickly is exciting.

Any exciting news or anything else you’d like to share?

There’s a ton to look out for in the coming year. New games, new designs, new partnerships, new acquisitions. If you want to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening at Lion Gaming, I’d encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. There’s always exciting announcements and product updates to find in each one.

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