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Meet Matt Wright – VP of Operations, North America
28 June, 2022
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White Label Bitcoin Casino
6 July, 2022

28 June, 2022

Lion Gaming’s Web3 Casino Software

At Lion Gaming, our turnkey web3 casino software has everything necessary to start an iGaming business that’s built for the next-generation of the web. Continue reading to learn more about the web3 casino software solutions found in our Fer0x Crypto Casino product.

Cryptocurrency & blockchain functionality

Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming one of the preferred means for bettors to wager with. The share of wagers that are placed in cryptocurrency opposed to fiat currencies is increasing on a yearly basis. In fact, some operators who had traditionally been fiat only now report as much as half of their volume originating from wagers placed in cryptocurrency! Many of the players who prefer to wager in cryptocurrency use popular wallet applications such as MetaMask, which currently boasts over 30 million monthly active users. Our software enables bettors to place wagers in your online casino and sportsbook using their MetaMask account, providing a convenient and easy method to deposit, withdraw and interact with your operation.

On top of the ability to sync with popular crypto wallets, our system lets you choose from over a thousand different cryptocurrencies and tokens that you wish to offer on your platform. This method incurs minimal transaction costs, and allows for almost instant acceptance of the chosen cryptocurrencies. We are also able to offer native wallet solutions where you incur 0% transaction costs. Lion Gaming is the first licensed white label casino and sports betting software provider to offer the ability to build in-house, custom wallet solutions for whichever cryptocurrency or token you wish to accept.

While there are other providers who offer cryptocurrency and crypto wallet integrations, Lion Gaming is the only licensed B2B casino software provider that offers on-chain wagering solutions. Our on-chain wagering is available in our Fer0x Crypto Casino and Fer0x Crypto Sportsbook products. With a click of a button, players are able to switch to on-chain wagering for the most popular casino games such as Roulette or Blackjack. When this feature is active, a player’s wagers are executed through smart contracts and as such their wagers are recorded on the blockchain. When a player wins, their wallet is automatically credited. Should a player wish to wager in a more traditional manner and use cryptocurrency or fiat currency as a payment rail, off-chain wagering is the default, and this feature can be toggled ON or OFF with the simple click of a button. For more information, you can check out our full post about the difference between on-chain wagering and crypto as a payment rail.

Casino games

As briefly mentioned earlier, Lion Gaming has an in-house casino suite that currently consists of seven different games: Blackjack, Crash, Dice, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker and Hi/Lo. Our in-house games all support on-chain wagering functionality, and are Provably Fair whether they are played on-chain or off-chain. Our in-house games offer the ultimate in customization, as our clients are able to have the games branded and designed to their unique specifications, whether it is the table felt of a table game to the casino chips and playing cards. An additional benefit of our casino suite is that we are able to offer highly competitive pricing since there are no third party fees attached to them. All of our casino games are designed from a mobile-first perspective so that your players are able to wager whether they are at home or on the go, and from any device. In addition to our own games, our partners are able to offer thousands of games from the biggest 3rd party game providers through third party integrations, to ensure your customers are able to play the most popular games on the market.

Back office

Our Player Account Management (PAM) software has everything you need in a back office to operate your iGaming platform to its full potential. Our dashboards quickly highlight how each component of your casino is performing, and comes loaded with marketing tools that lets you segment your users, create rule-based bonus systems, marketing emails, and to manage your affiliates. You can also easily export important information to a spreadsheet, such as your user registry and transaction records. Our back office comes loaded with several different light and dark visual themes, and since our player account management software is built in-house, it too can be customized to meet your visual design specifications. 

Web3 wallet integration

Lion Gaming stands at the forefront of innovation by seamlessly incorporating web3 wallets into its cutting-edge online casino and sportsbook software. With a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of blockchain technology, we recognize the importance of providing your users with a secure, transparent, and convenient gaming experience. By integrating web3 wallets, players can enjoy the benefits of blockchain, such as instant transactions, enhanced privacy, and provably fair gameplay. This forward-thinking approach ensures a next-level gaming experience that aligns with the expectations of crypto players.

Start a Web3 Casino Today

We have made it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to start a web3 casino business that is designed and branded to your custom specifications, in as little time as a few weeks. The next iteration of the internet has arrived, don’t fall behind by using legacy technology! Get started today by contacting us or emailing us at hello@investors.liongaming.io to learn more about our web3 casino software solutions and for a free consultation.

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