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Why Customization in iGaming is Important
17 January, 2023
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Web3 Casino Software Providers
19 March, 2023

13 March, 2023

Get Started Quickly With A Turnkey Online Casino

If you’re new to the iGaming space and are looking to get your casino off the ground, Lion Gaming’s turnkey online casino solutions have everything you need to get started.

Starting an online casino from scratch can seem like a colossal task. And that’s because it is! Everything from software development to payment processing to game options must be considered carefully and deliberately to bring your vision to life. But getting a foothold in an exploding iGaming market isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Let’s look at some reasons why a turnkey casino solution could be the best bet you can make.

With a turnkey online casino solutions, time is money

Building an online casino from the ground up demands two things from operators: patience and deep pockets. The software alone requires a team of developers and engineers spending thousands of hours over many months or years to create. This includes integrating with different games providers and aggregators, payment processors, making sure your software is compliant in the jurisdictions you want to operate in, and more.

A turnkey solution handles this heavy lifting for operators, delivering a complete, ready to go casino quickly and efficiently so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Make it yours with a turnkey online casino

Concerned your casino won’t look like it’s, well, yours? It’s a valid concern to have since so many online casinos out there look and feel the exact same. Luckily with Lion Gaming’s turnkey casino solutions, our clients don’t have those concerns. Our turnkey casino software can be fully customizable, all the way from custom features such as web3 wallet integrations and airdrop functionality down to UI/UX designs that players love.

Vast selection of games

Turnkey online casino software comes fully loaded with a library of games for players to choose from. Slots, table games and live dealer games are all important bases to cover to ensure players are satisfied.

The selection of games a casino offers its players is a crucial part of its success. You need to select a turnkey casino software partner that offers your players a selection of games that are easy to navigate, play, and are seamless across desktop and mobile devices.

The top turnkey software providers have a vast library of games to choose from, as well as the ability to add new games on a regular basis. This will keep your players coming back for more as you update your library.

Full regulatory compliance

iGaming is a heavily regulated industry, and for good reason. Protecting your players and ensuring fair play is paramount to gaining your player’s trust and building your casino’s reputation. Regulatory compliance is the best way to do this. Lion Gaming’s turnkey casino software is fully compliant with regulators across multiple iGaming jurisdictions. That means you don’t need to worry about ensuring that your operation is compliant – we take care of that for you. Furthermore, we can also offer guidance to secure your own gaming license for your turnkey online casino.

Secure payment systems from your turnkey casino software

Turnkey casino software arrives with built-in and secure payment gateways for you and your players. In addition to traditional payment rails that accept credit cards and bank transfers, players expect to be able to pay with different cryptocurrencies and the latest trending tokens as well.

Crypto deposits and gameplay are critical for acquiring and retaining players in 2024, as cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular in the iGaming world. Speed, security and privacy are just some of the reasons many players opt for crypto, and Lion Gaming’s turnkey online casino platform has all of your player’s crypto bases covered.

Complete technical support

A standard service offered by turnkey casino providers is 24/7 technical and customer support. You’ve saved yourself the countless headaches that occur with software development and coding, so troubleshooting and solutions for bugs should be pain-free. Software updates, upgrades to the platform and maintenance are all part of the package.

Exceptional gaming experiences across devices

Just under 55% of internet traffic came from mobile devices in Q4 2023, and the best turnkey casino providers take bandwidth and mobile devices into account. Casino software should offer your players the best experience possible, regardless of their device and location. Mobile-first designs and fast load times are key to keeping your existing players online and reaching new players in emerging iGaming markets.

Ready to get started with a turnkey online casino?

Contact Lion Gaming today for a consultation and demo of our turnkey casino software powered by the Fer0x Engine. Our team has decades of combined industry experience, and can help you launch your online casino as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our commitment is to not only help you launch a successful online casino with our turnkey solutions, but to work with you on a monthly basis to ensure your business is growing.

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