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16 February, 2024
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21 February, 2024

4 Pieces of iGaming Technology You Need in 2024

The landscape of the iGaming industry is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. In 2024, your iGaming operation must stay ahead of the curve by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your platforms. This article explores essential technologies that every iGaming operator should consider integrating into their systems, and how Lion Gaming can support your journey to an innovative operation.

Web3 wallet integrations

Web3 technology, powered by blockchain, is revolutionising online transactions. In 2024, you should prioritise the integration of web3 wallets to offer players a secure and decentralised way to manage their funds and interact with your operation. This technology allows for seamless cryptocurrency transactions and enables players to have more control over their financial interactions within the iGaming ecosystem. In Lion Gaming’s Fer0x Crypto Casino and Fer0x Crypto Sportsbook platforms, you have the ability to integrate leading web3 wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, and more.


Airdrops, commonly associated with the cryptocurrency space, are becoming a valuable tool for player acquisition and retention in the iGaming industry. You can utilise airdrop functionality to distribute tokens or in-game assets to players, incentivizing participation and fostering a sense of community. This strategy can also be employed to reward loyal players or introduce new features, contributing to a vibrant and engaging gaming environment.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR):

As AR and VR technologies advance, iGaming operators have the opportunity to create immersive gaming experiences. In 2024, integrating AR and VR into casino games can elevate player engagement, providing a more interactive and realistic environment. Whether it’s virtual poker tables or immersive slot machine experiences, you can use these technologies to set yourself apart in a competitive market. Furthermore, these technologies can allow you to start a metaverse casino – giving you a competitive edge as metaverse technology continues to be adopted worldwide through technology like Apple Vision Pro and Oculus headsets.

On-chain wagering

On-chain wagering refers to wagers that are placed on a blockchain, such as Ethereum or Avalanche. On-chain wagers provide the ultimate peace of mind to bettors since they are executed via smart contracts. Through the use of smart contracts, bettors are ensured that the operator is liquid and capable of paying out wagers. This means that bettors do not need to worry about the operator not paying out on a jackpot win.

As these wagers take place on a blockchain, the bettor is also issued a public receipt that is immutable and permanent, meaning that the operator cannot simply pretend to have not accepted the wager. When combined with Provably Fair technology, online casinos and sportsbooks are able to provide bettors an experience where the bettor does not have to have any trust in the operator to know that they are playing a fair game and will be paid out.

The benefits of smart contracts are also extended to you as the operator. Because the rules are pre-set for smart contracts, there is no risk of a game malfunctioning since the contract will only execute based on those pre-set conditions. Since transactions take place over the blockchain, there is no risk for chargebacks or fraudulent transactions since transactions in cryptocurrency are not reversible.

Find more information on how Lion Gaming utilises this technology in our Fer0x Engine, you can read our article about on-chain wagering.


If you want to start a crypto casino, or a traditional online casino, we strongly recommend you read our article on starting an online casino. Contact us today or drop us a line at hello@investors.liongaming.io for a free consultation on starting your iGaming business using our white label online casino software or sports betting technology.

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